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Hi guys.  I know I don’t post as often as before, but that’s because I have school and work.  Every single day I would have either school or work or both.  I’m full time school by the way and for work I get 20 hours+ each week.  There’s not a single day that I will have a day with no school or work until I graduate in September. Well, there are gonna be holidays maybe? Blah, it’s a hard knock life.  I think I need to ask for some days off for the sake of my physical and mental health.

I’ve never been so busy in my life before.  I guess it’s new experience and I’m enjoying it, but I don’t really get time to study and work out.  I used to play league of legends a lot when I didn’t work, but now I completed stopped playing.  The idea of playing just feels I’d be wasting a lot of time.  I’m glad I stopped playing. I really just wish I have lots and lots of energy so I can actually do more.  From Monday to Friday I have school from 9 to 1 and so I will have to wake up at 730 for that.  When I get off class I always feel fucking tired, so naturally I go home and nap if I don’t have work afterwards.  Maybe I’m not tired but just a big procrastinator?  Anyhow I probably need coffee when I get off class because when I get home all I want to do is lay in bed.  

This unedited writing is probably all over the place but it’s mostly just for myself to read again in the future.  Sorry there’s nothing interesting here.  I’m half asleep anyway.  Good night.  <3

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